Italian Lovers: the gift of learning

The Perfect Gift for all those who love Italy Give your friends and family members the gift of learning Italian in Sorrento, Italy!!!!! The gift that always fits.      Beginning or updating your Italian language skills,  Sant’Anna Institute offers in class group lessons,private  lessons or online with Skype   If you are visiting Sorrento for a day via a cruise ship, a longer vacation orContinue reading “Italian Lovers: the gift of learning”

Sorrento, Italy: learn while traveling

With great pleasure I shall be able to share a monthly feature from Sant’Anna Sorrento Lingue: Learn While Traveling       I met the wonderful teachers and staff at Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue while on sabbatical in Sorrento, Italy.   They have stayed in touch with me over the years and always welcome my unannounced visits to theContinue reading “Sorrento, Italy: learn while traveling”


SASL in Sorrento, Italy Travel can be inovative if you try to LEARN something, Meet the locals, EXPERIENCE THE LOCAL LIFE Speaking with Olga Stinga at SASL today I heard about a fantastic project her students are working on her studients are completing to add Sorrento to the 3D world on line On Monday, FebruaryContinue reading “SORRENTO ITALY: GOES 3 D”