Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy

Travel to Sorrento and experience living as a local while you learn Italian! Sant’Anna Institute After years of experiencing Italy as a tourist I moved to Sorrento and attending the language program at Sant’Anna Institute.    This experience was unique and even after 8 years I still am in contact with the wonderful instructors, professors andContinue reading “Learn Italian in Sorrento Italy”

Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy

Olga Stinga sends Italian Christmas Recipes from Sorrento Italy Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy:Discovering Sorrento Christmas Tradtions and Learn Italian At Sant’Anna Institute with Olga StingaIn Sorrento, cooking is a family matter.  In the past, recipes were verbally transmitted from mothers to daughters.In my family, cooking is a way of life, it is a wayContinue reading “Christmas Recipes From Sorrento Italy”

A Valentine gift from Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy

A St Valentine present from                     Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy     “Olga Stinga, Director of the Italian Department of Sant’Anna Institute shared this recipe and she would like to announce the following special offer for Italian Classes in Sorrento   (www.sorrentolingue.com): 20% discount on the Italian language courses in February, March and April 2015! ThisContinue reading “A Valentine gift from Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy”

Desert Italian Style in Sorrento, Italy

 From Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue:   Let them eat cake! The first thing most people think of when they think of desserts in Italy is gelato. Who wouldn’t? It has the cool, creamy sweet taste we all know and love in ice cream, but somehow it’s just better in Sorrento. Maybe it’s the scoop theyContinue reading “Desert Italian Style in Sorrento, Italy”

Sorrento: The grape festival

          The festival of Grapes is a cultural event that takes place in the early fall just a thirty-minute shuttle ride from Piazza Laro in Sorrento. A completely outdoor festival complete with wine tasting, Italian festival foods and of course, live music make it a season staple for locals as well asContinue reading “Sorrento: The grape festival”

Sorrento, Italy: learn while traveling

With great pleasure I shall be able to share a monthly feature from Sant’Anna Sorrento Lingue: Learn While Traveling       I met the wonderful teachers and staff at Santa Anna Sorrento Lingue while on sabbatical in Sorrento, Italy.   They have stayed in touch with me over the years and always welcome my unannounced visits to theContinue reading “Sorrento, Italy: learn while traveling”

Italian gondolas? In Sorrento, the Carruzzella is the way to go……

My friends at Sorrento Lingue language school in Sorrento Italy have sent me this post on the wheeled chair that have been used for decades……..have you taken a horse drawn carriage ride? A carruzzella             Coming to Sorrento and taking a ride in a “wheeled chair” is equivalent to goingContinue reading “Italian gondolas? In Sorrento, the Carruzzella is the way to go……”

Sorrento Italy, the taste of Lemons!

Another wonderful post about Sorrento, Italy from our friends at Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue   language school……… Lemons into lemonade,  NO limoncello! The wonderful language school in Sorrento, Sorrento Lingue, has sent me this  post on the Lemons of Sorrento…..They have also promised some other wonderful stories to share with us…. The gardens of Sorrento The “gardens” terracedContinue reading “Sorrento Italy, the taste of Lemons!”

Italian Death Notices!

Manifesto…………..  I have walked by posters in many Italian towns saying ‘goodbye’ to a family member, announcing to the neighborhood that a friend has passed away.       I think I always read these to see if any locals had a familiar name.   Many were similar but none were exactly the same. The notices are lovely, often with photos. Continue reading “Italian Death Notices!”

No more Beach Vacations

Now that I don’t spend every waking hour tanning or sitting on the beach (even if i did spend the time reading a book) it opens up far more time and opportunity on where I can travel, solo.The beach is wonderful and the view of the sea or ocean one of the joys of life,Continue reading “No more Beach Vacations”